Alien Kane Facehugger Action Figure

Alien Kane Facehugger Attack Action Figure

It’s the first big scare in the iconic 1979 film Alien. The crew of the Nostromo are investigating the crashed ship of the Spacejockey on LV-426. Thomas Kane examines an alien egg as it opens, then suddenly a facehugger leaps out and smashes through his helmet.

Now, Hiya Toys brings that moment to life with an exclusive action figure of the ill-fated Kane in his spacesuit with the facehugger still clinging to him.

Alien Kane Facehugger Action Figure

This PX Previews Exclusive action figure is 1/18 scale and crafted with meticulous detailing. The figure features a removable helmet, as well as a flashlight, additional hands, and a stand.

We love interesting and unique figures here at the Haunted Outhouse, and as far as Alien action figures go, this one fits the bill.

Get the Kane action figure here.

Alien Kane Facehugger Action Figure


NECA’s version of Kane with facehugger

Here’s hoping we’ll one day get a variation of this figure with the chestburster prairie-dogging in and out of Kane’s newly acquired gaping chest wound.