The best Dungeons & Dragons Mimic monster collectibles

11 Killer Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Collectibles

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Beware brave adventurers! Mimics are on the prowl and they’ve taken the form of collectibles. Join us as we uncover the ultimate loot – the 11 most astonishing mimic-themed treasures in all the realms. From battle-tested miniatures and epic life-size chests to Christmas ornaments, stickers, t-shirts and Funko Pops, this is the hoard you’ve been seeking. So gather your party and prepare to plunder!

What is a mimic?

DND Mimic

It’s understandable that you might not know what a mimic is, as few who have encountered them have lived to tell the tale. In Dungeons & Dragons, a mimic is a monster that is able to shapeshift and mimic objects to lure in its prey. These creatures are often encountered in dungeons or other underground locations, where they will assume the form of an inanimate object such as a treasure chest, a door, a piece of furniture – or our personal favorite, an outhouse – in order to trick adventurers into approaching them.

Once an unsuspecting adventurer gets close enough, the mimic springs to life and attacks with its sticky, slime-covered pseudopod appendages. Mimics are known for their powerful jaws and ability to grapple and restrain their prey. They are also able to absorb the memories and knowledge of their victims, making them even more dangerous and unpredictable.

Mimics are usually depicted as having a brownish coloration, similar to that of wood or leather. They have a malleable body with an amorphous shape that allows them to take on the form of almost any object. Mimics are often found in areas where they can easily blend in with their surroundings, such as in treasure-filled rooms or near valuable items.

In dnd lore, mimics are considered to be one of the most iconic monsters in the game. They have become a popular subject for artwork, figurines, and other collectibles, and are a staple of many dungeon-crawling adventures. The mimic’s ability to shapeshift and blend in with its environment makes it a challenging foe for even the most experienced adventurers.

We undertook a perilous quest to scour the land for the most coveted mimic collectibles in all the realms, and we lost a few limbs so you don’t have to. Take a look at what we found:

1. Mimic Chest Life-Size Figure

Life-size Dungeons & Dragons mimic treasure chest collectible

Brace yourselves, brave adventurers, for we bring you a wondrous treasure! You’ve battled Mimics before, but now you can have one by your side while you play! Feast your eyes upon a life-sized Mimic chest, standing tall at 20″ and crafted from soft foam that brings out every gnarled tooth, haunting eye, and that notorious tongue. This replica monster is so realistic, you can almost feel its hot, stinking breath. This Mimic is poised to strike and ready to be displayed in your hallowed halls – whether that be a treasured game shop or your very own game room.

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2. Mimic Christmas Ornaments

Mimic Christmas ornaments

Listen closely, adventurers, for we bring tidings of joy and terror! This holiday season, adorn your halls with the Forged Dice Co. Holiday Mimic Ornaments – a festive trio of D&D monstrosities that are sure to give your party members some harrowing dreams. Crafted from miniature poly-resin, these ornaments may appear to be ordinary Christmas decorations at first glance, but turn them around and witness the true horrors within! Behold the vicious mimic, its toothy maw ready to ensnare the unwary. And yet, even this monster is not immune to the holiday cheer – its backside adorned with the trappings of the season, such as Christmas lights, gift boxes, and Santa hats. Each ornament stands at a proud 2.5 inches tall, ready to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest adventurers. So deck your halls, but beware the terrors that lurk within!

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3. Not a Mimic Sticker

Dungeons & Dragons Not a Mimic sticker

We present to thee a tool of mischief and deception! This humorous sticker shall be the bane of thy Dungeon Master or Game Master – a Mimic decoy that shall surely cause some chaos and confusion! Or perhaps, for the sake of your friends and family, use it to allay their fears that the microwave or any other object is indeed a vicious shape-shifting monster. This sticker is not limited to any particular item – it can adorn your dressers, nightstands, cars, toilets, laptops, desktops, tissue boxes, cellphones, mugs, glove compartments, jewelry boxes, and any other item you can imagine.

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4. Funko POP! Mimic

Funko POP! Dungeons & Dragons Mimic

Hearken, brave adventurers! Thou must tread cautiously, for this Funko Pop! figure is no ordinary collectible – behold, it is a sly mimic in disguise! Complete thy Dungeons & Dragons collection with the exclusive Pop! Mimic, a terrifying and cunning creature that even comes with a special D20 dice. This vinyl figure stands at an impressive height of approximately 4.25-inches, perfect for displaying amongst thy other treasured items.

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5. Mimic Plush

Dungeons & Dragons mimic plush

Feast thy eyes upon this 6-inch-tall Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Phunny Plush by Kidrobot, crafted from the finest and most luxurious super-soft materials. This mimic plush is not just a simple toy, but a loyal companion to take with thee on all thy adventures. Its deceptively cute appearance belies its true nature as a cunning and mischievous monster, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting prey. Whether you seek comfort in thy downtime or require a mascot for thy Dungeons & Dragons games, this plush Mimic will surely become a treasured addition to thy collection.

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6. Definitely Not a Mimic Sign

Dungeons & Dragons Definitely Not a Mimic toilet sign

Heed my warning and be wary of all inanimate objects! For even the most innocent-looking items may in fact be a cunning mimic in disguise, waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. This 12×16 metal sign serves as a constant reminder of the danger that lurks in every corner of the realm. Let it hang on thy wall and remind thee to always be on guard, for everything from a simple treasure chest to thy very own toilet may be a mimic waiting to strike. Only the most vigilant and quick-witted adventurers will survive in a world where mimics roam free.

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7. Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box

D&D Mimic chest dice storage box

Secure your dice with this handmade and uniquely designed Mimic chest. Made from the finest poly resin Material, this dice holder is both durable and reliable, capable of holding your precious dice, miniatures, and other roleplaying accessories. With a lockable hinge, you can take your treasure with you on the go, making it an excellent travel companion for all your mini games, RPGs, and dungeons & dragons sessions. This dice box is a perfect gift for all dungeon masters and dice game enthusiasts, with its superior quality and conveniently large size that’s perfect for all your dnd quests.

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8. Build Your Own Mimic

LEGO-style building blocks Mimic monster

Craft a mimic monster with a treasure chest head, all by yourself! This building kit is designed in the LEGO-style, offering you 540 unique pieces to create your own mimic monster. Build a treacherous foe for your adventurers to battle and watch as their strategies and wits are put to the test against your creation. Only the bravest and most cunning will emerge victorious in the face of such a formidable opponent. With this kit, you have the power to unleash your creativity and bring your own unique and menacing mimic monster to life.

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9. Mimic Colony Warband Miniatures

Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Colony Warband miniatures

WizKids, renowned for its superior quality pre-painted plastic miniatures, is proud to unveil its latest addition to the fantasy miniatures series, Mimic Colony Warband. The D&D Icons of the Realms: Mimic Colony Warband features seven infamous D&D adversaries for players to encounter. Dungeon Masters can swiftly devise fresh adventures for their players with a mix of these mischievous mimics, ensuring gameplay remains enthralling across numerous campaigns. These pre-painted mimics are brought right from the pages of the Dungeons and Dragons books to test your players and add diversity to your miniature collection. Now, bringing the world’s most influential fantasy roleplaying game to the tabletop has never been simpler with the all-new Warbands!

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10. Dungeons & Dragons Mimic T-shirt

Dungeons & Dragons Mimic t-shirt

Carried weapons on us in the bar. I said “mimics.” The barkeeper laughed. The party laughed. The table laughed. We killed the table. We had a good time.

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11. Dicelings D20 Mimic

Dungeons & Dragons Dicelings Mimic figure

Give this D20 a roll and watch it transform into a vicious mimic! The Dicelings series from the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves toy line was already cool, but this new addition is a game changer.

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A mimic attacks in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

A mimic attacks in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

As we come to the end of our adventure through the best mimic collectibles available, we hope you’ve been inspired to add these cunning creatures to your Dungeons & Dragons collection. Whether you want to display them on your shelves, prank your players, or use them in your campaigns, there’s a mimic collectible out there for you. From the life-size mimic chest to the festive holiday ornaments that want to eat you, these collectibles are a tribute to one of the most memorable and treacherous creatures in D&D lore. So, embrace your inner adventurer, and add a little mimic mischief to your next gaming session. Happy adventuring!